Wellness In The Workplace Activities

Conference Workshops

In-house Workshops

On-going Choirs

On-going Ukulele Groups

Music Benefits

Team building

Reviving focus

Increase morale

Stronger connection with workplace Promote cohesion between co-workers

Entertain at company events

Improve Presentation Skills

Vocal health

Voice projection

Presenting with confidence

Overcoming nerves

Enquiries: unstrungmusic@gmail.com

or 0409  856  071


Wellness Outcomes

Happier staff

Discover hidden talents

Sense of achievement in a short time

Keep the brain active by building new neural pathways

The brain releases endorphins when the group produces great sounds

Begin a really healthy hobby

We Supply up to 50 Ukuleles.

High quality Mahogany Ukuleles with straps fitted, in the three traditional sizes that are suited to adult hands

Tenor, Concert and Soprano