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Ukulele Study Trip

Steph gratefully acknowledges the following groups for their generous contributions, without which this wonderful trip could not have happened.

  1. Wyndham Community Cultural Foundation for their generous Arts Assist grant.

  2. City of Wyndham for their Community Pathways Scholarship Grant

  3. The 54 beautiful supporters of my Pozible campaign - read the updates for stories.

Jason Arimoto

Kimo Hussey

Cynthia Kinnunen

Gary Peare

Kevin Carroll

Daniel Ho

Samantha Muir at

Valla Beach Music Camp

Samantha’s Machete

My performance

at Valla Beach

Daniel Ho ukulele

with Monica Dear, John Nash & Kevin Carroll

Ukulele Teacher Summit Class of 2019

Just a few new uke books!

The Australians with James Hill

Sopranino meets Sopranissimo and José.

Blister earned in a playoff with James Hill. Worth it!

JHUI Vancouver Masterclass 2019

James Hill Ukulele Initiative Vancouver 2019

My JHUI class