Uke Tech Classes

Private lessons available. 
Enquiries from schools welcome.mailto:unstrungmusic@gmail.com

Class sizes will be kept small.

Steph Payne with James Hill, ukulele virtuoso, after the intensive JHUI training in Newcastle, October 2016

Starting with melodies,

we’ll learn picking & strumming,

gently learn to read music, play duets, build chords & see why the humble ukulele is actually quite awesome!!!

Learn music skills that transfer to

any other instrument!

Monday Evenings - Online!

Term 3, 2020 starts in July.

Adults Advanced - 7pm

Watch videos about Unstrung Music lessons and about how to choose a ukulele!Videos.htmlVideos.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

Steph has a current

Employee Working With Children Card

and recent Victoria Police Check.

Steph Payne is teaching with techniques learnt at the intensive

James Hill Ukulele Initiative, the only certified ukulele teacher

training program of it’s kind.

Steph is an active member of the Australian Ukulele Teachers and Leaders Association (AUTLA), attending training days, picking up fantastic tips and arrangements that have been tried and tested by this country’s best ukulele teachers. Steph has played along side many of these mentors in the Outlaws Big Ukulele Band.

Steph also runs the Daisy Chains - a chamber ukulele ensemble and runs the Wyndukes Ukestra.

More about Steph Payne here.